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Mistress Esme orders her white slave to lie down on the bathroom floor and squats right over his face. She teases him with her chubby black butt before she takes a big shit right on his face. He has to eat all of her creamy caviar - right off the source!

Mistress Nikki's slave is really hungry and his merciful mistress is going to give him something to eat - a plate of her delicious scat! She makes him hold a white plate under her naked ass and then pees and shits on it. In the end she shows you the aftermath in detail before the slave's allowed to eat his meal!

Lady Chantal was really in a hurry and didn't have the time to lift the toilet lift - she just took a shit on it. Now she calls for her slave and orders him to eat her scat off the toilet lid! The slave's acting all disgusted and Lady Chantal gets really pissed. She rubs her high heel boots in the pile of shit and brutally stuffs them into the slave's mouth. He'll eat her shit - one way or another!

Mistress Thalia's sitting on her slave's face and enjoys a delicious slice of pizza when she feels the need to take a shit - but she won't get up! She just shits while sitting on her slave face and continues to eat the Pizza. Her soft shit is smeared all over his face and well through her ass cheeks!

This petite Japanese mistress loves to humiliate her slave in extreme ways. Today she wants to shit into his mouth and force him to swallow the scat. She just squats over his face and shits into his wide-open mouth. He has to swallow every drop of her soft stinky shit.

Hot blonde college girl Marley loves to poop in front of other people. She takes off her clothes and squats on the armchair - with her ass over the edge. She put a plate in front of the armchair and takes a nice soft dump on it now - all while you're watching her closely!

Mistress Sonya just got up and is still a little sleepy when she sits down on the toilet chair and takes a huge dump on her submissive slave's face. She pushes out two nice long turds which cover the poor slave's face completely - but Sonya cares even less than usual - her mind's still in bed!

Sexy Missa's wearing her pink lingerie and hold-up stockings when she starts masturbating on the bathroom floor using a big skin-toned dildo. As she rides the sex toy hard she farts a few times and asks you if you mind her farting - but of course you love it, right? In the end she gets on her knees in front of you and you can see her sexy ass as she takes a shit on the bathroom floor - right in front of you!

Nataly loves humiliating her toilet slave and forcing him to eat her scat. She took a big messy dump in his mouth and all over his face - but he can't swallow it all. She decides to not accept his resistance and uses her high heel shoe to force the shit down his throat. She doesn't care about his moaning and choking - she only presses her shoe sole on his mouth even harder and forces the consumption of her shit!

The girls are having fun in the cottage they rented for a 4-day trip and at midnight one of the girls needs to take a shit - using a human toilet for the first time ever. Although it's her first time shitting on a slave's face she doesn't seem to be troubled by it in any way - she just sits down on the toilet chair and pushes out a long fat turd that lands right on the guy's nose and mouth! Then she just leaves him there - while her stinky shit stays on his face!

Melanie looks gorgeous when she stands naked above her husbands naked body. She starts to pee on his chest and belly before she decides to take a shit on him too! This gorgeous blonde just loves to defecate on guys!

In this clip you can watch Princess Nikki preparing a delicious scat cake for you. She puts all the other ingredients in a big metal bowl and then shits into it. Her delicious scat is almost half of the dough when she starts scrambling it. Aren't you anxious to find out what the resulting cake will taste like?

Mistress Missy is a big beautiful woman and she keeps some submissive men around - just like this one she's using as her human toilet! He has to lie down under the toilet chair while she sits down on top of it. Her big ass is right above his face when she starts to poo. She instructs him to catch all of her scat with his mouth and swallow it. After he finally swallowed all of her stinky shit she orders him to lick her asshole clean too!

Lady Chantal's slave is hungry - well, she's going to give him something to eat - her scat! She takes a big metal dog bowl, squats over it and pushes out a big load of soft shit. Then she takes the bowl and slowly pours the runny shit into the slave's mouth. Afterwards he has to lick the bowl until it's bright and shiny again!

The girl's keep their slave under the toilet chair as their human toilet and love to use it instead of a regular toilet. Today Nica gets on it first and takes a shit right on the slave's face. The big dump nearly covers his whole face and her piss burns in his eyes - but he's not allowed to clean himself up as Nicole needs to pee too. So she gets on the toilet too and also pisses on his face. Will they now allow him to get up and clean his face?

Missa looks gorgeous as she slowly takes off her stripper outfit and presents a nice pair of white panties - with a hole cut into them right around her asshole. She squats on the floor and you can see her tasty butt up close as she starts pushing out a nice stiff turd which falls right to the ground!

This sexy babe puts a grey towel in the bathtub, gets into it and then wants to take a nice piss and shit on the towel. You can see a nice close up of her ass as she starts to push out her scat. Her stinky brown shit lands on the towel and by the end of the clip the towel's completely soaked with her piss too!

Miss Missa prepares a special gift for you today - a bag filled with her delicious shit! She puts a plastic bag right beneath her sexy ass and takes a dump into it. She then gets on the normal toilet and takes a piss while she tells you how she's going to vacuum seal the bag later and send it to you - you should get the full aroma after all!

Today the toilet slave at the girls flat share is about to have a bad time ... 5 girls want to shit on his face - without allowing him to clean up in between! One after another they sit down on the toilet chair and take a shit on his face. After a second girl you can't really see his face anymore - but there's way more to come. In the end his whole face is covered with their stinky shit and he can't even breathe anymore with his nose and mouth completely covered with shit!

This girl hasn't done any scat femdom videos before - but she's more than eager to try it out! She gets on the toilet chair with her ass right above the slave's face and then starts shitting immediately - like it's the most natural thing to do to shit on another human's face! She pushes out a lot of her hot shit and covers the slave's completely with creamy brown scat!

Demi's doing scat videos to earn some extra money during college. Today she's doing another scat movie where she shits on a plate. She pushes out a nice fat turd and then shows you her caviar in detail. Wouldn't that make a delicious meal for you?

Mistress Astrid's going to use her human toilet now. She's wearing sexy high heels and puts one foot on the slave's chest to pin him down - so she can shit into his mouth comfortably. She shits a big load into his mouth and forces him to swallow all of her scat. In the end she wipes her butt and makes the slave eat the used toilet paper too! This scat mistress is equally cruel as beautiful!

Sexy scat princess Kalida steps on a low ladder so you can see her sexy butt even better as she's about to poop. She squats on the ladder and sticks her ass into your direction - and then starts to push out a nice turd! At the end of the clip she shows you the pile of shit in detail and from all directions.

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